Recent Knitting I’ve Completed

Recent Knitting! I’ve been knitting up a storm all summer. Getting things done that needed to be done and have a lot to show for it. While it’s all on my Ravelry Page, I like to show it off. Please note, none of these projects are washed and blocked. I am knitting, but not into washing and blocking right now. This will change.

I love knitting. The rhythm, comfort, seeing my creations grow in size and shape. I love the way these turned out and I wear them whenever I leave the house. Okay, maybe not all at once. Recent Knitting has made me slow down my focus and appreciate life. I swear it helps with my ADHD, at least it seems to. I don’t know if there is a study for that, but knitters live longer, and are more focused mentally in general. There is evidence out there for that. Really good studies, which I will save for another post, or the vlog.

There is a group on Ravelry for knitters with ADHD. It’s very supportive and I really like the people there. I don’t post often, but posting online is a huge time suck for me. I can be ubersocial. I am trying to focus on my work and family this year, so less posting. It’s been healthy, but I do miss more online social interaction.

Speaking of the Knitting Blog, I am working on it. I have intro music, and photos I’m editing. I’m also dyeing like a mad woman. It took me a long time to come up with what is, “me,” and my style dynamic, but I’m there and my work is really turning out well. What do I do with all the stuff that is really not good enough to sell, but still can be used? I should ask that online in one of the Ravelry groups for Yarnies. Yarnies are people who dye yarn, or fiber to sell.


Trillian_medium Recent Knitting.
My Trillian Shawl. I did it in Madelinetosh Pashmina. It’s my favorite not-mine yarn. Recent Knitting.
Shortcut 3 Color Cowl Recent Knitting.
A version of the three color cowl from Ravelry. I love this pattern, but I didn’t want something so long. I just did the yarn-over, slip, slip, knit and the 1×1 ribbing. Recent Knitting.
Garter_Love_1_medium Recent Knitting.
Garter Love. Done in Vintage Sari from MadelineTosh in their Pashmina base. It’s huge. Huger is better. Recent Knitting.
TGV_II_2_medium Recent Knitting.
I felted my last TGV, so here is another one. Mala and Rose from Madelinetosh. I didn’t do all the yarn overs in the ruffle. I wanted something really warm. Recent Knitting.