Summer and Family at the Goat Rodeo Ranch

Summer and family was full of strangeness here at the, “Goat Rodeo Ranch and Teen Farm,” but fear not, there are photos to prove the strangeness. I would not claim strange without evidence.

The kids had fun and so did the cats and rat. Okay, I really can’t be sure about the animals, but they are cute in photos and who doesn’t love a pic of a rat in a yarn bowl? No rat hair can be found in our yarn. We’re not that silly! I love the family warmth and love we have shared. Even if the house is not perfect.

So sit back, grab a beverage and a take a quick tour through the family oddities. Yarn photos to come tomorrow.


Art Studio 1

About a quarter of my dye area. Yes, it is open to the Family/Living room, but I never miss a ridiculous thing the kids are up to. Sometimes funny. Oftentimes, “Stop that, you’re going to kill yourself!!!”



Yes, we have a rat, Squidgee! She is a looong story. Never offer to keep a rat for a teen. Let’s leave it at that. She is a doll baby and we love her. Part of the family, now.




She does seem to really love the yarn bowl. Even without projects in it.



MSR Pottery on Etsy makes these yarn bowls. She will do requests and I requested Yaps!!! She got his personality down. I don’t think he agrees, but I love it and that is all that matters. Sorry Yaps. Not very sorry, but a little sorry.




JJ Snackers

JJ likes snacks. This photo had major, “Hellacious Red-Eye,” until I edited it. First time actually getting the red out. He is the smallest member of our family, but he eats like the largest.



Poor Rodney

Never fall asleep when Andres and Zach are around. They did this to their poor friend Rodney. The guy had no clue, till I showed him the edited picture.

Yaps. He's ours and we love him.
Yaps. He’s ours and we love him. Family, not just people.